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 St Paul’s Episcopal Church
 1018 East Grayson Street 
San Antonio, TX 78208
Gathering at 5:15pm
Liturgy at 5:30pm

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 Dignity San Antonio Celebrates the wholeness and holiness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Catholics

Dear Dignity Friend,
Hope you are having a good week.
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We hope and pray that this weekly message will nurture you spiritually and be especially helpful in the more difficult times of life.
In these weeks of Easter, here are some excerpts from an article in U.S. Catholic written by Sr Joan Chittister,
entitled “What will it take for us to truly make Easter change our lives?”
She suggests that Easter is a feast that never ends, it is about those who had to go on living after Jesus is risen, about us and those around us.  Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John are models of us all.
Peter is also at the tomb.  Peter makes great promises—then breaks them “I’ll never betray you”….He makes bombastic assertions.  “You will never wash my feet”…He gives cowardly directions.  “Don’t go up to Jerusalem, Jesus.”  He makes great political statements to save his own status…”I know not that man.” …
We harbor the spirit of Peter within us too.   Peter is the part of us who knows how to be a Catholic without a cross….Peter talks big, but he doesn’t really risk much….He sounds committed, but slinks silently into hiding the minute the fate of Jesus is sealed…. Peter values what people think of him more than he values his integrity, more than he values his own truth.
Indeed, there is a bit of Peter in us all.  We stand for things….We just don’t say much about them…No need to upset the bishop.  No reason to mix work with religion….No use talking about things where  such subjects are not welcome …. 
Peter wants a nice, respectable, quiet servant church….The Peter in us would give anything not to have to pay the public price belief requires.
But if this is to be Easter for us, too, then like Peter, we are going to have to go all the way this time.  We are going to have to come out of the tomb prepared to suffer ourselves…
We are going to have to stand publicly with those who believe what Jesus believed and risk our own reputations to bring it.